Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pin-Up Photo Shoot

Labor Day Sept 7th 2009
I was asked if I would like to do makeup for a photo shoot. I was thrilled! They didn't tell me what the photo shoot was for until I got there. I knew it was a pin up, but not why. I found out Kristel was doing this for her fiance. How cute! All the pictures were clean, just suggestive hehe. I am still waiting on getting them from Javier. I didn't stick around for the shoot. 

It's kind of funny how it all happened really. I met Amber Monroe months ago at MAC before I started working there. She is the sweetest girl!! I decided to start m business and ran into some problems with a friend and thought of Amber to take on the jobs with me. She agreed thankfully. I went to her work one day at DKNY and met Andrew Isaacs-Smith (who knows my cousin) and through him met Heather Nigro and then Javier Araujo (both are photographers). I met Heather and Javier at the photo shoot for the first time. Along with of course our lovely model Kristel Williamson. 
We had a really good time. I was in contact with Heather about the photo shoot and she told me to think Bettie Paige. I think I did a pretty good job hehe. We had a blast with the fake lashes. I was so glad Kristel loved her makeup. I did the hair for the first shots, but couldn't stay to do other looks. I didn't know I was going to be doing hair so I hadn't brought my stuff anyway. 

Tip on the Red Lip: Use a nude liner if you don't have a red one. It works great!! Here is Oak liner from MAC and Rimmel lipstick 166.