Monday, December 13, 2010

CLOSED.....Z Palette {Giveaway}

It's that time of year and I have the best gift to give you gals!!!
I like to try new things and see how well they work for me, then share with you gals. I have a Z Palette myself and I use it when I go to do makeup. I have TONS of eyeshadows and blush and desperately need something to help me condense all my goodies. I have 2 MAC palettes and want to try the UNII Cosmetics palette now.

For this blog entry we are going to be talking about experiences with the Z Palette.
I have been researching this product all over the internet as well as using it myself.

My experience has been good thus far. I like that I can see my colors through the top where with others I have to open it and hope the color I want inside is the one I picked up.
I love the patterns. I have the leopard printed one.
In my palette I have lots of different pans. MAC, Mary Kay, eye shadows, and blushes. I am still working on de-potting my other cosmetics.
I have been able to fit a lot of pans into the palette. I must have at least 20 in one Z Palette.

Somethings I read about that people didn't like were that is is made of cardboard. Don't want to get it wet. It's not the cardboard you are thinking exactly though. Not the kind that's cheap from a box you ship stuff in.
I have seen girls complaining about the pans not staying put. This problem I had only with my MAC eyeshadows that I de-potted. I fixed that problem easy as pie. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the magnetic sheets for $0.97. Just cut it into a square and remove the sheet and stick it to the back. Now they stay just fine.

My next venture is to go to IKEA and get a holder for all the Z Palettes that I will have soon. =) This product (click on the link) you can paint and decorate however you want and it will hold your Z Palettes.
The link above is for a DVD rack and this one HERE is for a CD rack. Both will fit Z Palettes.

Follow instructions below to win your own set of Z Palettes. The prize is ONE large leopard and ONE small zebra palette. You get BOTH!

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1. Leave me a comment about your experience with a Z Palette if you have one. If you don't have one, tell me why you would want one. 

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Winner will be announced FRIDAY the 17th!! 

Good luck to ALL of you!!! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I will try and get this mailed to the winner in time to get it for Christmas.

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