Friday, August 13, 2010

Makeup Event Look Contest!

Amber and I wanted to do some kind of really fun makeup look for our event next weekend. We know how awesome you girls are and thought you would totally be able to give us some ideas that we could use to create something really cool to show off our skills. These are some of the looks we have received thus far. 
Since this is such a big deal for us we thought the prize should be a big deal too. So I have some MAC items in my goody bag that I would love to share with you! So we will pick a look and the winner gets the MAC prize. 
We would really love to see anything you gals can find. We only have until next Saturday until we have to have our look figured out for sure. The event is coming up so quickly. I have already headed to Joann's to grab some stuff to play with. 
Please show us your style and ideas!!!
Can't wait to see them!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Monday, August 9, 2010

La Purse wants us at 700 fans!!!

Ladies this is an awesome privilege for us to get the opportunity to give you a free La Purse scarf. All we have to do it get to 700 fans. We are less than 40 away. I get to pick the scarf to give you. So I want you to head over to and let me know which one I should pick. 
Once we get to that 700 mark we can do a contest to giveaway the awesome scarf!!! I promise you gals will love their scarves. I love mine!! 
One thing I love about La Purse besides the gorgeous scarves is that they help you with how to wear them and style them. They have so many colors to choose from as well. I know lots of brides who want to have that something special for their bridesmaids. Well this is it!! A Pashmina scarf adds that pop of color you want for your wedding and it's a perfect gift for them as well. They can wear it again and again. 
For those of us in Florida it seems we don't need a scarf because of the hotness we feel down here. I can tell you that the light weight scarves are awesome and not too hot. The ones with the polka-dots are adorable and light weight too. They just bring that something extra to your outfit every time! 
So ladies, let me know which scarf you would want and list it below!! We will get to 700 fans soon so get me those scarf suggestions quick. Ask your friends to put their desired scarf choice here as well.
Thanks ladies!! I can't wait to get one of you a awesome scarf. If there is enough interest, I may even give you my scarf!! 
Love you all!!! 

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

World's Future Makeup Artists

My daughters LOVE to play in my makeup. {the picture is not of my little girls} My eldest loves lipgloss and will put on several layers of it and then put on lipstick on top of that. She loves to help me apply it on myself as well. Eyeshadow is another favorite of hers. She will take any brush she can get her hands on and apply it on her cheek.
My youngest loves my brushes. Really she will just play with anything she can get her hands on right now since she is only 1.
They are too cute! I believe they will be makeup artists in the future. Hehe! I am sure I am not the only mom who has children get into their makeup and play. I remember when I was younger I would draw on my wall with my mom's lipstick. She even remembers the color and brand today. We have pictures of it and I have to say my work was magnificent! =)

I thought this would be perfect for a contest!!! I want you to start looking for pictures of either yourself when you were younger with your lovely makeup designs on or something from your kids masterpieces.
I wanted to give you a head start if you read my blog to get a chance to see what the next contest is going to be about.
I think once I start getting pictures I will pick a prize, but I will tell you it will be makeup.
When I get pics I will post them on Facebook and we will have people vote on their favorite future makeup artist!!