Friday, August 13, 2010

Makeup Event Look Contest!

Amber and I wanted to do some kind of really fun makeup look for our event next weekend. We know how awesome you girls are and thought you would totally be able to give us some ideas that we could use to create something really cool to show off our skills. These are some of the looks we have received thus far. 
Since this is such a big deal for us we thought the prize should be a big deal too. So I have some MAC items in my goody bag that I would love to share with you! So we will pick a look and the winner gets the MAC prize. 
We would really love to see anything you gals can find. We only have until next Saturday until we have to have our look figured out for sure. The event is coming up so quickly. I have already headed to Joann's to grab some stuff to play with. 
Please show us your style and ideas!!!
Can't wait to see them!!

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