Sunday, August 1, 2010

World's Future Makeup Artists

My daughters LOVE to play in my makeup. {the picture is not of my little girls} My eldest loves lipgloss and will put on several layers of it and then put on lipstick on top of that. She loves to help me apply it on myself as well. Eyeshadow is another favorite of hers. She will take any brush she can get her hands on and apply it on her cheek.
My youngest loves my brushes. Really she will just play with anything she can get her hands on right now since she is only 1.
They are too cute! I believe they will be makeup artists in the future. Hehe! I am sure I am not the only mom who has children get into their makeup and play. I remember when I was younger I would draw on my wall with my mom's lipstick. She even remembers the color and brand today. We have pictures of it and I have to say my work was magnificent! =)

I thought this would be perfect for a contest!!! I want you to start looking for pictures of either yourself when you were younger with your lovely makeup designs on or something from your kids masterpieces.
I wanted to give you a head start if you read my blog to get a chance to see what the next contest is going to be about.
I think once I start getting pictures I will pick a prize, but I will tell you it will be makeup.
When I get pics I will post them on Facebook and we will have people vote on their favorite future makeup artist!!

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