Thursday, July 22, 2010

YouTube here we come!!!

So I have decided that I should be doing YouTube videos now. I found these videos of YOUNG girls doing makeup tutorials! How insane is that? Some of those girls have about as much MAC makeup as I do.
As a makeup artist, please don't let your children start wearing makeup so young. It's not good for their skin.
So anyway, joining the world of YouTube is going to be a whole new experience for me. I am a dork and now you all will get to see it live and in living color. Hehe!

There is soooo much out there to teach you and show you. I am having a hard time deciding what to do my first video on. Therefore, it presents me with a great opportunity to present to you a CONTEST!!! YAY!!!

So here we go...leave me a comment with what you think I should do for my first YouTube video. You have to make it good because I will be having surgery after my beauty event. (Beauty, Body, & Soul: What A Girl Wants! Event).

You will have to wait a bit for the next video for a bit. I may even use your comment for one of my videos.

The prize is a free makeover possibly in the video itself and if you aren't local I have some makeup treats to send!
Let's hear these great ideas ladies!!!

Beads, beading, beaded

My dear friend Nikki makes these gorgeous pieces of jewelry! They are awesome! Her business name is very fitting: "Beads, beading, beaded".
I got to take these pictures of her jewelry while she came to visit me one day! I feel in love with all of them. She not only makes bracelets, she creates anklets and necklaces too. Check out her Facebook Page for more info on how you can get your wrist in one of these beauties!!

Worst makeup looks ever!!!

Please share with me what you have seen! I am making this into a contest! Comment down below (click comments) and tell me all about what you have either seen with your own eyes or even what you have done to yourself that was just not cool!
I can't wait to hear your stories!!
The winner will receive a free Lash Blast mascara. I have heard so many good things about it and everyone seems to love it so I thought I should get one and give it away as a prize for someone who might already love it and want more or for someone who hasn't tried it before and wants to see if they will love it!
If you have a picture PLEASE let me know and I will add it to the blog!!! =)

Are you a fan of Joann Frazier Beauty Consultant on Facebook? If not, become one and you can also win a free facial and makeup application!!

Thanks to Deejay Manny for these lovely inspirations to get you ladies started!!

Carrot Top
Chick from Operation Repo

Monday, July 19, 2010

My very talented friends!!!

Lately I have been seeing all these really cool women doing these really cool things. Such talent! Many of them unable to be present at my event, yet willing to donate to the cause. With our event we are trying to support those women in our community who are victims of domestic violence and rape. As a victim myself I know how hard it is to feel good about yourself.
I know that this event won't fix what has happened, but it has the ability to help heal and make one stronger. I hope that this event will be seen as what it is: women being women and feeling good about themselves inside and out.

Now about those women who are really cool and talented!! =)
I would like to list some and what they do in their spare time.

Robin of Ella's Bows makes awesome hair accessories for our beautiful little girls! She is always having discounts and specials. Email her at

My dear friend Christine of A Million Sighs Photography is just getting started, but you would swear she has been doing this forever. With her ability to bring your memories to life you will never be disappointed! You can find her and her work at: or on Facebook at

Nichole of Nichole Marie Photography in Fort Myers Florida is amazing at what she captures on film. She loves her family and the Lord. Contact her for amazing pictures.

Joann Frazier is a beauty consultant and sells Mary Kay. She loves to do facials and educate women about how to keep their skin beautiful and healthy. Who could ask for more? You can find out more from Joann by visiting her website or Facebook page. Contests here and there every Friday!

Nicole "Nikki" of Beads, beading, beaded has got skills that match any jewelry store! Each masterpiece is individually crafted for you. Her work is so beautiful. Become a fan and find out more about what she has to offer you.

Lea who produces montages for Paradise Productions of SW FL will help you to keep your memories safe, beautiful, and just the way you want them: fun, soft, wedding, vacations, birthday parties, etc. You name it she can do it. It's worth it so you won't lose or damage those photos and videos you have lying around. Check her out here and you can see some samples.

Shawna makes amazing products all of us mom's or friends of mom's need! She runs Boo-Da Butt Creations. These items you just HAVE to see. They are custom made and perfect for you! You can find her on Etsy and Facebook.

Kathy of GraphicsKat Designs has such skill with a computer and designing!! She has created so many beautiful things for me! I can't even thank her enough for all of it! Such talent is not to be wasted! See what she has to offer you here:

Erika Adkins and Jessica Anderson make beautiful tutus and accessories for Fairy Fufu Tutus. These treasures are perfect for any little girl's birthday party or just for fun! They are all handmade and the prices can't be beat!! To see more check out the Fan Page on Facebook.

Please leave your comments about the services you have received from these wonderful women!! Let's share them with our friends!! These are lives and talents to be shared with the world!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Million Sighs Photography

My talented friend Christine is a photographer and she has some MAD skillzzz! =) I did a photo shoot with her and she has posted pictures from it on her blog. I thought it would be wonderful to share it with you guys.
Her and I will be teaming up together for a special giveaway! Stay tuned for more about it soon!!

Got in the News Press!!!

1:10 A.M. — Stephanie Porter walked into Sunday's bridal show in Fort Myers with one thing on her mind, and it didn't include buying a $6,000 Couture wedding dress.

"I'm looking to cut costs for my wedding," said Porter, who works at Fort Myers Middle Academy during the week and as a waitress at a local restaurant on the weekends. "My fiance and I are each working two jobs to save money for the wedding. It's hard."

Porter and her fiance, Joseph Jones, want to spend $10,000 for their wedding, so keeping costs down is a priority.

Porter and Jones represent an emerging trend in weddings: the budget-conscious couple. Since the recession began, more couples are spending less on their big day. As a result, the wedding industry is taking a small hit as more couples look to do it on their own and cut costs.

The Knot Real Wedding Survey reported that about one-third of brides who got married last year said the economy impacted their wedding plans. Another survey by David's Bridal found that 68 percent of brides-to-be planned to spend less on their wedding. About 30 percent of those respondents said they would spend less than $10,000 on their wedding.

Porter, 24, said she planned to get help from her family and friends at her November wedding. Porter's friend, Janea Soliven of Makeup Artistry, will do her hair and makeup.

Another friend will be the DJ while Porter's grandfather will snap pictures.

"You can save a lot of money by using your friends' talents," she said.

Soliven, who plans to get married in February, said she planned to save money by having her rehearsal dinner at Golden Corral.

"It sounds chintzy, but as long as you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends, that's all that matters," Soliven said.

After looking at 10 different venues, Porter opted to hold her wedding at Plantation Country Club in Fort Myers because it was willing to work with her budget.

"I wanted to do it at Grandezza (Country Club in Estero) but that's too expensive," Porter said.

Mike Waite, owner of Waite Photography in Cape Coral, has noticed the shift toward cost-conscious grooms and brides.

"They seem to be more concerned about their finances and a lot of them are shopping around for deals," said Waite, who attended Sunday's bridal show at the Harborside Event Center.

Waite Photography lowered its prices because of the recession. The company's cheapest wedding photo package starts at $899. But the prices are negotiable, according to Beverly Waite.

Wedding retailer For the Bride in Fort Myers has also been impacted.

"Some of the girls will buy dresses right off the rack to take the discount instead of paying full price to get it fitted," said For the Bride owner Wendy Bennett, whose dresses range from $300 to $2,000.

Despite an uptick in frugal couples, Bennett isn't concerned about her industry.

"No matter how you cut it, the bride always has to have a nice dress," said Bennett, whose store opened 17 years ago. "Brides might cut back and serve cupcakes instead of a cake or change to a cheaper venue, but they will always have a nice dress."

Mike Waite, who has been a wedding photographer since 1979, shared the same optimism for the wedding industry.

"People are still going to get married," Waite said. "This is a one-time event and their parents will make sure of that. We know we're in tough times so we'll just try to accommodate them."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mary Kay is the way!

My friend Joann Frazier is a Mary Kay Consultant. I have had the opportunity to play with her fun products. I even took a horrible before photo and transformed myself into something not-so-scary-anymore! LOL!
I was brighter and looked younger, yes younger!

Here's a link right to her website!

Most people I have met stick with the same make up routine day after day. I was playing on Joann's website and saw this awesome page with 10 make up artist looks on it.

It's perfect! It shows you what colors were used and how to produce the same look for yourself. You can even shop from that page to purchase the look for yourself. Print it off if you need it for future reference even.

Another fun thing to do on her page is the virtual makeover. After you have picked a look from the makeup artist looks you can go try the colors virtually on your face! How cool is that?!?

The best thing about Mary Kay is their skin care products! If you have any questions and want to know more please contact Joann at

She also has a Facebook Page for you to enjoy!

This is you chance to win any LIP product. Gloss, Lip Color, Lip Stick, or Balm. So many great color choices! You can view the product comparsion on page 7 of the latest LOOK BOOK.
Also you will win a free facial from Joann!!!

There are 3 chances to win!
1. Comment on the blog (become a follower) which product you would like to win. One of the lip products as listed above. Just let us know what color and what type.

2. Become a fan on "Beauty By Janea" page. Comment here to let us know!

3. Become a fan on "Joann Frazier Beauty Consultant" page. Comment here to let us know!

We will pick the winner by and let you know the winner by July 16th. (There will be a contest every Friday! So stay tuned for more chances to win stuff!)

*Contest for anyone who is new to MaryKay and does not have an active consultant.