Thursday, July 22, 2010

Worst makeup looks ever!!!

Please share with me what you have seen! I am making this into a contest! Comment down below (click comments) and tell me all about what you have either seen with your own eyes or even what you have done to yourself that was just not cool!
I can't wait to hear your stories!!
The winner will receive a free Lash Blast mascara. I have heard so many good things about it and everyone seems to love it so I thought I should get one and give it away as a prize for someone who might already love it and want more or for someone who hasn't tried it before and wants to see if they will love it!
If you have a picture PLEASE let me know and I will add it to the blog!!! =)

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Thanks to Deejay Manny for these lovely inspirations to get you ladies started!!

Carrot Top
Chick from Operation Repo


  1. Joann Marykay Frazier Omg I don't like saying anything unless it's nice. Lol.

  2. Amanda B The dreaded "mask" look. I just wanna go up to some women and blend their foundation better.Or even worse when women pick the wrong foundation color... like a shade oranger. Then you've got an orange face and white neck! =p

  3. Heather Dunaway I used to see a woman allllll the time when I worked at walmart who wore lip liner about a half of an inch outside her lips. And it wasn't just a one time thing, every time you saw here it was like this. She looked like a clown but without the red. She never had on lipstick, just the liner that wasn't even close to her lips

  4. Katherine Elkins Uuuummm, yes-it's me, its usually when I don't have any on. Pretty scarry!

  5. Phyllis Carter this teacher would always wear this sky blue matallic eye shadow with this bright pink blush that was unevn nd it never matched her outfit!

  6. I personally think it's horrible when a GUY chooses to wear makeup! It may be because he chooses to be "different" or to look "gothic" or just to be like good ole' Michael Jackson for say! It's scary when I go to the mall, look around and I see someone who I think may be a guy, then have to do a double take to make sure! WOW it's pretty embarrassing to say that I cant determine the gender of that person because of the way they applied their makeup or the way the look!

    KISS, MARILYN MANSON, MJ, Why do they do that to themselves? Do they think it's a "GOOD LOOK?" Do You?!

  7. Lol @ the pic of the woman from operation repo and ursula. What a good look a like. I watch operation repo all the time and this one time it showed her WITHOUT her eyebrows. I literally went "ahhh" in horror! It was a scary sight. That's another good "bad" makeup. Eyebrows drawn by pencil.

    Heather dunaway

  8. Personally I think the worst make-up look is "goth" style. I hate seeing extremely thick black eyeliner, black mascara, black lipstick, black nail polish, etc. There is nothing pretty at all about wearing ALL black, especially when it's makeup. To me makeup is supposed to help you look pretty, not to look like a bag of coal!

    I also can't stand seeing someone wearing vibrant colors of eyeshadow that absolutely does not match their clothes. Another terriable make up look is not applying blush right, some people sure can make themselves look like clowns with their blush application.

    I just stick with my light colored eyes shadow, powder, and mascara! :) Simple yet does the job that I'm looking for!