Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Makeup To Make Your Eyes Your Best Feature

Wide-set Eyes  
Bring wide-set eyes closer together with dark shadow:  

1) Sweep taupe shadow across the lids, keeping it darker at the inner corner and fading it out lightly as you move to the outer corner.  

2) Line the inner half of the upper and lower lash lines with a chocolate brown pencil.  

Close-set Eyes  
Widen your eyes with light shadow:  

1) Dab the lids and inside corner of the eye with white, sand or ivory shadow.  

2) Starting at the iris, rim just the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines with a charcoal eye pencil.  

Small Eyes  
Make them look bigger with white eye liner:  

1) Line the inner rim of the lower lashes with a white eye pencil.  

2) Sweep a light pink or silver shadow on the inner corners of the eye.  

Protruding Eyes  

1) Sweep dark brown powder across lid, using a heavy hand on the outer corner of eye.  

2) Smudge bottom portion of eye with same color.  

Hooded Eyes  

1) Sweep a white shadow on lids and brow bone.  

2) Pull eyebrow up from arch to apply a taupe shadow in the crease; when you let go of the brow, the crease falls in a higher place and acts like a mini eyelid lift.

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