Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have a 'Bright Future' (Style Warrior)

So I bought the Style Warrior eyeshadow Bright Future. Great yellow color!! I love the truer color eyeshadows. What I mean is I like more the primary color of the tone. Anyway, I love yellow eyeshadow. I had bought it and forgotten that I had bought NYX palettes from Ulta a few days before. I am pregnant and don't remember everything...hehe! They were having a fantastic deal where you buy 2 get 2 free. I picked out 4 palettes and got 12 colors for like $15.00! I got home after shopping at MAC and noticed 2 of them had yellow colors in them. So I tested it with the MAC Bright Future. Yep, they are pretty much the same colors. The pigments in NYX are pretty good, but as always I recommend using a primer underneath to help bring out the color better.
These are the 4 color palettes I got from Ulta. NYX isn't too shabby! You will notice the blue, yellow and purple one is like the Style Warrior purple and yellow colors. Don't get me wrong I love MAC, but now I can buy this cheaper and buy my other MAC stuff like foundation and stuff instead from MAC. I don't have all the money to go to makeup right now with another lil girl on the way. Oh my eldest daughter who is 18 months plus dropped my orange palette there, that's why it's broken.
Bright Future is on the right side and the NYX is on the left. Can you tell the difference?

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