Monday, June 15, 2009


I am a redhead and love the color red. Growing up I didn't think I could ever wear a red lipstick. Now I find that I can. But there are some rules and I have easy tip to help you to see reds better when shopping. Tip: Bring a piece of white paper to the store and wipe testers on it. When viewing the red against white, it will be easier to detect if there is a blue (cool) or yellow (warm) tint in the product. You can do this at a makeup counter or a store like Ulta where they do have testers.  

The Right Red 
All women can wear red lipstick no matter what shape their lips are or what coloring they have. For red-shy women, try one that's super sheer, like a sheer lipstick or a stain. I have one from MAC that's a slimshine called Urgent! It's great! For all-out glamour, choose a classic, cream-finish lipstick. For help choosing the right shade of red:  

Fair complexions- flattered by cool reds (like cherry or the color of a red rose).  

Redheads- looks great wearing warm reds (like tomato or brick).  

Medium or olive skin- looks best with classic true reds (like apple).

Dark skin- can pull off deep reds with ease.  

Good luck on your search for your red lips! Remember if you wear red, don't go crazy with the eyes for every day wear. Pick one or the other.

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