Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technique and blush types

Pop of Color Using 2 shades of blush, apply your natural color and then add a pop of brighter color on top. The natural shade looks great at first, but often fades easily. The brighter shade alone is often great for evening, but too much of a contrast for every day. This layering technique offers natural brightness. When using a bronzer, skip natural color and layer the pop color on top. Using a natural shade on top of bronzer makes the cheeks look dirty. And we don't want to look dirty.  

Here is a list of different kinds of blush formulas:  

Powder- easiest formula and works for all skin types. 

Gel-sheer color, blending bit more difficult, works well for smooth skin. 

Cream- smooth, leaves dewy finish, great for dry skin. 

Cream/Powder- goes on as cream dries to a long-lasting powder finish, best for normal skin. 

Cheek Tints- similar to gels, sheer for stained look, difficult to blend, works only for smooth skin. 

Chubby Pencils- portable, easy to blend, best for normal to dry skin. 

Pot Rouge- blendable color for normal to dry skin types, usually creamy in texture and packaged in pots, provide sheer stain on cheeks and medium coverage on lips.  

Tip: Never use your blush as an eyeshadow as it is too red and will make the eyes look sore and tired...unless that is what you are going for.

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