Thursday, June 4, 2009

Revlon Pure Confection highlighter

I was walking in Ulta last week and spotted this. I had just been reading a book by Carmindy and remembered some of the things she said about highlighting. I decided to pick this up and give it a whirl. 
I really like it!! It has been compared to MAC's Mineral powder Lightscapade, but it's way cheaper. It is a little bit different than MAC though. This product is under $10 ($8.99).
It gives a great shine/glow and is buildable. Any age can wear this. Older skin can wear it and not be afraid of the glittery look or the creases in the wrinkles. It works for any skin tone. The whole thing is one color, you won't be able to get the different colors individually with your brush or anything. On me it has a white kind of look. I have heard others have gotten more of a golden tone, but I am very pale. It's not a pink tone like it may seem. Try the Revlon Brightener for that. I love how it luminates!! 
Pure Confection won't make you look oily because it's a powder and it will give you that dewy look everyone is going for. What I also love about it is that it doesn't brush off every where like a loose powder. It stays on your brush and goes on where you put it. Can't go wrong with that!!!
It's great for highlighting on the eyes and just above where you wear your blush. You would use this as a companion to blush or blushes. Highlighters are perfect for those days you don't want to wear a lot of makeup. You don't have to put on eyeshadow and a lot of blush if you use a highlighter. On your eyes you put it on top where you normally highlight and then in the center areas near your nose. Also out the outside of your eyes as well. Then on top of your cheeks, about two finger widths below your eye. 
Give this a try. You will love what you see when you put it on!! 

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